About Us


Explora BioLabs is a West Coast-based preclinical contract research organization (CRO) that provides in vivo discovery pharmacology and OnDemand, and OnSite vivarium services to the biotech, pharmaceutical and academic communities.

In 2004, Dr. Richard Lin realized that many researchers who require high-quality in vivo data simply lack the resources and expertise to develop their own pharmacology infrastructure. Based on this realization, Richard founded Explora BioLabs to allow researchers to achieve their goals by virtualizing their preclinical programs.

Explora assembled a team of scientists with expertise in a wide range of rodent efficacy models, brought on a professional husbandry staff, acquired premium vivarium facilities, and began providing high-quality preclinical services and full-service vivarium space to the research community.

Over the last 13 years, Explora has become the preferred preclinical partner of:

  • Entrepreneurs (both scientists and VC’s), who recognize that Explora can quickly and cost-effectively provide in vivo proof-of-concept data to support novel ideas
  • Small companies, who see value in outsourcing their critical in vivo studies to Explora’s experts, or in using our professionally managed vivarium and procedure rooms to conduct their own studies
  • Academics (and their tech transfer departments), who appreciate obtaining unencumbered in vivo data for grants, papers and patents
  • Growing companies, who understand the benefits of engaging Explora to design and professionally manage their in-house vivarium facilities

Going forward, Explora continually challenges itself to be the leading provider of pharmacology and vivarium services to the preclinical research community.