Company Profile


Explora BioLabs is an AAALAC-accredited preclinical contract research organization (CRO) that provides high quality scientific services and rental vivarium facilities to the biotech industry.

Founded in 2004 by Dr. Richard Lin, the company now manages over 68,000 square feet of vivarium and laboratory space, housed in five facilities in prime locations throughout San Diego and two in the San Francisco Bay Area (South San Francisco and Mission Bay).

Explora’s reputation for high-quality science and professional service has helped garner clients from throughout North America and Europe. In Southern California alone, Explora has performed research studies for more than 100 biotech companies and non-profit institutions.

Explora currently provides full-service vivarium space to more than 40 clients, and manages in-house vivaria for several other companies.

Explora’s areas of expertise include oncology, diabetes/obesity, infectious diseases, wound healing, PK/toxicity, customized model development, and many others. Explora’s studies start with extensive discussions with sponsor scientists regarding study design, timeline and cost, and end with a high-quality, detailed report of all findings.

Studies using Explora’s services regularly feature in scientific publications, IND filings, and presentations to investors, and in many cases have been key to obtaining funding or advancing a compound into the clinic.

With a PhD- and DVM-level management team, experienced research scientists, and a professional husbandry staff, Explora has both the expertise and personnel needed to assist with projects of any scale.