Why Explora


Explora is committed to providing professional service, scientific and technical excellence, and open communication.

  • Explora‚Äôs experienced management team takes the time to thoroughly understand your scientific and business goals, then provides guidance on studies and vivarium space that best meet these objectives.
  • We will provide you with fair quotations and realistic timelines, and should any changes become necessary, make sure these are quickly communicated and agreed upon.
  • Our researchers have undergone rigorous technical training, understand the science underlying each study, and are committed to accuracy and integrity in study performance and data collection.
  • At the conclusion of a study, we deliver detailed, IND-ready study reports whose data can be relied upon when making critical scientific and business decisions.

Explora is committed to providing the highest quality of animal care.

  • Explora is AAALAC-accredited, meaning that every three years a team from AAALAC International has reviewed, inspected and approved our animal care and use program, including our animal policies, housing, management, veterinary care and facilities.
  • All studies are reviewed by our Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) to ensure the responsible use of laboratory animals.
  • Our facilities use state-of-the-art housing and monitoring equipment, and our animals and cage conditions are checked daily by our experienced and dedicated husbandry staff.
  • We are committed to keeping our facilities impeccably clean and well-maintained, for the health and safety of both personnel and animals.

Explora will be there for you as you grow.

  • Whether you are writing the preclinical section of that first SBIR grant, or completing a pivotal in vivo study to raise public funds, Explora has the technical and business expertise to help you succeed.
  • Whether you require only a few rodent cages, or several vivarium and procedure rooms, we are flexible in providing the perfect space and service for your needs.
  • If you have grown to the size where having your own vivarium is practical, Explora can help with designing or retrofitting your in-house facility, and then provide our OnSite professional husbandry and animal management services.