Explora Partners with Morpheus to Provide Immunological Support Services

March 28, 2016

Explora BioLabs is pleased to announce our partnership with Morpheus BioLabs to provide in vitro and in vivo immunological services to our vivarium and contract research clients.

Morpheus‘ team has extensive biotech and medical research experience, with particular expertise in immunology, immunotherapy and immuno-oncology. Their suite of custom services includes flow cytometry, real time quantitative PCR, fluorescent microscopy, functional assays, immunological safety assays and much more. Morpheus also provides consulting services to help design, implement and analyze preclinical and clinical immunological studies.

Morpheus is conveniently co-located with Explora in our new vivarium and laboratory headquarters in Sorrento Valley. Further information about Morpheus can be found at www.morpheusbiolabs.com.