Research Services


Explora BioLabs provides non-routine discovery research services and professionally managed vivarium services. The company helps pharma and biotech companies and academic labs achieve their preclinical drug development goals by outsourcing their pharmacology infrastructure.

Explora BioLabs provides customized preclinical pharmacology and consulting services to accelerate the development of your drugs and devices.

Our experienced scientific team can assist you by selecting appropriate animal models, designing interpretable experiments, conducting high-quality in vivo studies, and generating detailed study reports.

We understand the importance of open scientist-to-scientist communication, meeting project timelines, and maintaining control over your budget.

Explora’s research expertise includes:

We can also provide the following adjunct services:

  • Histology, serum chemistry and hematology support
  • Available molecular biology lab
  • Available cell culture rooms with BSL-2 and radioactive material capabilities
  • -80°C freezer storage space
  • Environmental Health and Safety support
  • Radioactive waste management
  • BSL-2 waste management
  • Supply procurement
  • IACUC oversight
  • Safety training
  • Training in in vivo techniques