Vivarium Services


Explora's senior management has decades of industry experience in cancer drug development. Our scientists routinely conduct contract research using xenograft models for industry as well as academic scientists. We also maintain rigorous cell culture procedures to ensure consistency in the quality of our cell lines.

A well run research vivarium is the foundation of pharmacology research. For many biotech companies, however, a vivarium is a very challenging facility to build and operate. A research vivarium is costly to build due to high mechanical requirements, including increased ventilation, special water resistant walls and floor treatment, and expensive autoclave and cage washing equipment. In addition to these hardware requirements, research using laboratory animals has additional regulatory compliance issues with which many scientists and entrepreneurs are not familiar.

Recognizing these challenges, Explora aims to provide top-notch vivarium service so that our clients can focus on conducting their scientific research or drug development activities instead of running a vivarium.

There are two ways our clients can take advantage of Explora’s vivarium operation expertise:

  • “OnDemand” rental vivarium: our clients can rent individual vivarium rooms at one of five Explora facilities throughout San Diego to conduct their research. These facilities are conveniently located in or near San Diego’s biotech communities such as Torrey Pines Mesa, Sorrento Valley and UTC. In 2017, we will open our first Bay Area facility, in South San Francisco. Our vivarium rooms are furnished with necessary animal housing equipment and staffed with Explora’s professional personnel to handle everything from animal purchasing and receiving, to daily health check and cleaning, to all health and safety precautions.

To learn more about Explora’s rental vivarium, please visit the Explora Vivarium page.

  • Explora “OnSite” service: for clients who would rather have their scientists perform studies inside their own facility, Explora can help establish vivarium rooms within the facility, and bring in necessary animal housing equipment and animal husbandry personnel. With this service, our clients can enjoy a turnkey animal facility onsite without the high upfront capital expenditure and human resources. More importantly, our service provides the flexibility of expanding or contracting on demand to meeting our clients’ rapidly changing needs.

To learn more about Explora’s OnSite vivarium service, please visit the Explora OnSite page.

We encourage prospective clients to come visit our facilities to get a good sense of our operations.  You can also do a virtual tour of our facilities in our photo galleries.