OnDemand Vivarium


Explora BioLabs operates 5 in vivo pharmacology research vivarium facilities in San Diego and 2 in the San Francisco Bay Area that are available for use by biotech, pharma and academic institutions.

Our research facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and caging systems and are staffed by well-trained and friendly personnel. Our professional staff takes care of all aspects of the operation of the facility, including:

  • Daily animal health check and husbandry service
  • Daily cleaning of facility
  • Routine cage change
  • Animal ordering and receiving
  • Waste management (including BSL-2 and hazardous waste)
  • Health and safety compliance
  • Routine veterinary care
  • Animal welfare compliance

Vivarium rooms of various sizes are available for long term or short term use to house your laboratory animals. Some of our vivaria also include support facilities such cell culture rooms, molecular biology laboratories, and conference rooms. Our scientific team is available to provide technical and surgical assistance on an as-needed basis.

By using our vivarium services, you can focus on conducting your scientific research instead of the hassle of managing a vivarium. You will save money on equipment, personnel and management costs, and can quickly adapt as your in vivo research needs evolve. Most importantly, you can count on the quality of Explora’s vivarium to support the health and well-being of your research animals.

For a virtual tour of our facilities, click here.

Features of Explora’s OnDemand vivaria include:

  • AAALAC accreditation
  • NIH/OLAW assurance
  • USDA registration
  • State radiation license
  • Full time sentinel program
  • IACUC review and oversight
  • Experienced attending veterinarian
  • HEPA filtered, individually ventilated, fully disposable/recyclable Innovive rodent caging
  • Biosafety Level-2 safety cabinets
  • Procedure rooms
  • Dedicated necropsy room
  • Available technical and surgical support from our research scientists