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AAALAC-accredited, Ph.D.-backed preclinical vivarium solutions for biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients of all sizes and stages of development.

At Our Facilities  or Yours

Explora BioLabs supports innovative, important in vivo studies with turnkey vivarium facilities, management, and related industry-leading services—what we call Vivarium-as-a-Service® solutions.

Explora BioLabs unites and enables dynamic communities of innovative research professionals doing today’s groundbreaking preclinical research. Our spaces, our people, and our robust compliance and care expertise help foster success for growing U.S. biotechs and serve as a vital component of biotech cluster infrastructure.

Preclinical success requires efficiency and flexibility supported by a collaborative and trusting community. We strive to provide innovative environments with an entrepreneurial atmosphere that drives teams to achieve life-changing, health-extending discoveries.

The quality of our client’s results is deeply important to us. This is why we ensure Explora BioLabs’ facilities are AAALAC-accredited and our services are supported by Ph.D.-backed experts.

We believe biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies of all sizes desire a higher quality of turnkey vivarium facilities, management, and services.

We also understand that our clients’ needs extend beyond their own study bench. Our supplemental contract research services are designed to support scientists in meeting their goals as an extension of their teams, whether through the complete execution of studies or via targeted à-la-carte technical services.

As the nation’s largest Vivarium-as-a-Service® provider, with the largest vivarium facility network, it’s our responsibility to make our expertise easily accessible to research teams.

Our model is simple: we provide the in vivo vivarium infrastructure and services, and you focus on your studies. That’s why we tell our clients, it’s “Your Science: Powered by Explora.”



Your Science. Our Vivarium.

We provide the vivarium infrastructure, services, and expertise. You focus on your study. With OnDemand, you can initiate preclinical in vivo studies in an AAALAC-accredited space in as little as two weeks, complete with Ph.D.-backed husbandry management and regulatory oversight.



Your Science. Your Vivarium.

From staffing and husbandry to budgeting and design, Explora’s OnSite solutions provide Ph.D.-backed vivarium and regulatory management services in the comfort of your own facilities. Whether you’re considering building your first facility or need assistance with an existing one, Explora’s OnSite services can help.

Contract Research Services

Whether it’s the complete execution of a study or simply à-la-carte technical services, Explora can be your trusted partner in meeting your research goals.
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Fast. Flexible. Capital Efficient.

Powered by Explora.

Explora BioLabs provides the vivarium facilities and solutions that biotechnology and pharmaceutical researchers need to quickly initiate in vivo studies, meet milestones, and reach funding goals.

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Dr. Richard Lin, Explora BioLabs Founder

Who We are

Our Founding Story

When Dr. Richard Lin needed a clean, functioning vivarium to continue his startup’s research, he knew he didn’t want to outsource to a distant facility. As he searched for vivaria in his area, however, he grew frustrated. There seemed to be only two options available: to trust his study to a distant CRO that didn’t understand his science and may not have offered complete transparency, or build his own facility. Both options were operationally and financially inefficient—poor choices for a startup like Dr. Lin’s.

Dr. Lin created Explora BioLabs to provide researchers like himself with accessible, robust vivarium facilities and preclinical research services. He didn’t know it at the time, but his efforts would revolutionize the way preclinical in vivo studies are conceived and executed.

Explora BioLabs’ leadership has changed since Dr. Lin founded it over two decades ago, but the mission lives on. We’re proud of the successes we’ve helped our clients realize. We’re constantly brainstorming new ways in which we can accelerate preclinical in vivo workflows and make them more flexible and efficient. We look forward to being part of your success, too.

Exciting News

Explora BioLabs Acquired by Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

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