Vivarium Areas of Expertise

With over 15 years of experience and hundreds of vivarium rooms, we understand vivaria. Since our founding in 2004 by Dr. Richard Lin, Explora BioLabs has grown to ten facilities with over 100,000 square-feet of our own vivarium and laboratory space. Six of our facilities are in prime locations throughout San Diego and four are in major San Francisco biotech districts. Our OnDemand and Onsite facilities use state-of-the-art housing and monitoring equipment, and our animals and cage conditions are checked daily by our experienced and dedicated husbandry staff, who ensure compliance is a constant.

Our vivaria are AAALAC-accredited. This means AAALAC International’s team reviews, inspects, and approves our animal care and use program, including our animal policies, housing, management, veterinary care for all our OnDemand and OnSite facilities. We are known for having pristine vivaria, which we keep well-maintained and impeccable, while following best practices and adhering to the “3 R’s”, for the health and safety of both personnel and animals. 

High-Quality Data with Professional Research Services

In addition to vivarium space and related husbandry services, we also offer comprehensive pharmacology services for clients requiring model proficiency combined with skilled, surgical hands. Our areas of expertise include oncology, metabolic disease, pharmacokinetics/toxicity, customized model development and more. Our Research Services Team provides expert help with designing and executing a wide variety of critical in vivo studies. Our Explora process begins with extensive discussions between our team and client regarding study design, timeline, and cost.

 For our OnDemand and OnSite clients needing animal technical and training services, our experienced technicians will solve that critical personnel requirement when you need the support, considerably easing the staffing strain on your budget. 

But we don’t just provide research solutions. We help clients solve staffing issues, find new space for housing their own dedicated vivaria, and even help with the logistics and complications of transferring existing operations to new locations. We strive to create bespoke solutions to solve our clients’ needs.

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