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Welcome to  Explora.

We understand that the fundamental development of new drugs involves many variables coming together just right. We also know that, sometimes, it just comes down to the old-fashioned hard work of doing good science. Behind those important scientific headlines and the big fundraising rounds, all the promising and efficacious results, and the notable clinical trial data reported, you will find great people who represent the solid hard work of good science, day after day. Many of them spend their days with Explora BioLabs, in one way or another.

Any leader in biotech, young or old, needs to assemble teams and provide them with the necessary resources they will need for success, including trusted colleagues, capital, facilities, and—above all—time. We help accelerate that process.

When I had the opportunity to join Explora BioLabs, I did so because Dr. Richard Lin had assembled a combination of services solving two critical burdens for researchers: vivarium management and rodent research studies. The vivarium management and CRO solutions across Explora’s facilities deliver multiple options for biotech leaders, a menu of options to improve your ability to be a successful entrepreneur, investigator, and drug developer.

We’re serious about our motto—“Your Science: Powered by Explora.” It’s what we live by.


A biotech can start in Explora’s AAALAC-accredited OnDemand vivarium rental rooms within weeks, and have rodents on study within days. With little notice, our OnSite technicians are available to manage vivaria so you can focus on your science, not changing cages or building a proper IACUC from scratch. In addition, Explora’s preclinical CRO team of scientists are ready to start your study on your timetables with unusually quick turnaround.


The ability to increase or decrease operations and nimbly adjust study programs is crucial as biotechs respond to scientific results, funding timelines, and available skilled talent. Explora is there to fill in gaps, provide bridge solutions, or simply offer flexibility as you manage your compound or platform’s journey to the clinic.

Risk Mitigation

Working with Explora means partnering with a team that is committed to helping you mitigate your business and research risks. Venture capital is too hard to come by to invest it in building small-scale vivaria at $700-$1,000/sq. ft. in tenant improvements. That’s not even considering the time spent in acquiring permits or building out and staffing spaces. Renting existing spaces with the quality personnel provided is a far more efficient and less risky use of funds; your capital goes into research, not long-term contracted real estate and capital expenditures. Even more capital efficiency can be achieved by using our à la carte technical and contract research services when you need them to help hit milestones, rather than hiring underutilized FTEs for the length of the project.

Small or large, vivaria are always difficult to staff and run competently so that repeatable scientific results are possible. Along with important certifications such as AAALAC and OLAW, a certain scale is required to build knowledge and protocols supported by experienced technical staff that are available 365 days per year. Our high health standards and highly trained staff mean your colonies are safe and reliable, repeatable data is possible. 

I’m not a scientist or a researcher. I won’t be saving lives or curing cancer, as much as I wish I could. But it is deeply satisfying to me to know I am contributing to this effort in a meaningful, material way by helping research achieve results with less financial and resource risk. I consider myself among the luckiest of people because I work daily with the fantastic Explora team as we support the biotech community on a wider, more impactful scale

I can’t wait to hear how we can help you change the world.

Sandy Paige

CEO, Explora BioLabs

Exciting News

Explora BioLabs Acquired by Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

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