Preclinical Contract Research Organization

Whether it’s the complete execution of a study or simply à-la-carte technical services, Explora can be your trusted partner in meeting your research goals.

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What is a Preclinical CRO?

A preclinical CRO is a contract research organization that specializes in managing preclinical trials. Typically, a preclinical contract research organization provides services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies in need of preclinical data to determine if a test article is suitable for IND filing to move to clinical trials.

Research in the preclinical stage can accelerate pharmaceutical breakthroughs in the treatment of debilitating conditions and diseases.

Preclinical Contract Research Organization

Full-Service Contract   Research Organization

Explora BioLabs offers a quick, flexible approach to CROs conducting preclinical studies. We can get your study up and running in as few as four weeks following protocol approval. We’ll manage the preclinical testing process and are happy to accommodate study protocol amendments as research progresses.

Whether you need a full suite of testing services to support your research or just a few, you can expect superior technical proficiencies and assistance with model selection, mechanistic studies, data reporting, and more.

A deep bench of Ph. D.s oversees our work at every level. Our team has decades of combined experience and scientific expertise to assist your CRO in preclinical drug development. We’ll support your research efforts as an extension of your team, leveraging our expert surgical and technical abilities.

Preclinical CRO Service Locations

Our quick and flexible services are available nationally. While we can accept studies from any location to facilities, biotechs that are near one of our CRO labs can deliver articles directly. 

We have local CRO labs in San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston which provide researchers the ability to:

  • Drop off fresh test articles for same day study administration
  • Pick up fresh study tissue if they prefer to do their own analysis post-study
  • Avoid time spent shipping compounds and possible tissue degradation
  • Expedite additional analysis performed by clients in their own labs
  • On-site quarantine at each CRO lab

Accepted Test Articles

  • Large molecule
    • Gene therapy
      • mRNA
      • AAV
      • More
    • Antibody therapeutics
  • Cell therapy
    • Stem cell-based therapy
    • CAR-T therapy
  • Small molecule
  • Biomaterials
    • 3D Printouts
    • Hydrogel

Species We Work With

  • Mouse 
  • Rat

Oncology Research Services

Explora routinely supports anti-cancer drug discovery and development using in vivo tumor models (xenografts, syngeneic, humanized) for both industry and academic scientists.

Metabolic Disease Research Services

Explora can assist you with experiment design, animal model selection, study conduct, data analysis, scientific report writing, and more.

Pharmacokinetics Research Services

Explora has established protocols in place to keep your schedule efficient and cost-effective while getting quality results.

Toxicology Research Services

Our team can support discovery and investigational toxicology and can manage your entire toxicology study from drug through report generation.

Technical Research Services

Let Explora assist you with in vivo technical study support. We provide highly skilled in vivo research technologists that efficiently and quickly move your projects forward.

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space. We were able to start with Explora within two weeks. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Ivana Djuretic, co-founder at Asher Biotherapeutics, Explora BioLabs client

The high-quality, reproducible results that we will generate in Explora’s facilities should help us accelerate our timelines and get us to that next round of funding sooner. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Preclinical Research Lab

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into Explora's pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space.

Oncology Drug Developer

As a small biotech, we need a vivarium management solution that’s more than just a landlord. Explora BioLabs has been an extension of our team with its husbandry staff and scientific expertise.

Lead Researcher,
San Diego Biotech

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Frequently Asked Questions
The objective of preclinical studies is to ensure that a preclinical medical device, drug, or other treatment in therapeutic areas is ready for clinical trials. Preclinical experts perform drug development research using animal models in order to determine the efficacy and safety of that particular treatment.
Preclinical research can vary greatly in duration. Some studies may be performed over a few days or weeks while other studies may last months or even years.

A CRO, or contract research organization, is supports researchers with the study, test, and development of new drugs and therapeutic treatments while a CMO, or contract manufacturing organization, is focused on the manufacturing of drugs, products and new technologies for biopharmaceutical companies.

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