Explora Biolabs Adds Two Senior Leaders

San Diego & San Francisco, CA– Explora BioLabs, the leading provider of OnDemand and OnSite vivarium research space on the West Coast, today announced the addition of two members of its senior leadership team as it builds a team to continue West Coast expansion and add capabilities.

“As a service company, we are who we hire. We sought great team members with perfect fit to build our senior team and we found them,” said Sandy Paige, CEO of Explora BioLabs. Dr. Wilkinson and Tiffany are customer-centered, scientifically-deep, well-respected scientific professionals who each have a track record of delivering quality results for their clients. They’ve hit the ground running.”

Brandy Wilkinson Ph.D. (Director, Breeding & Research) has over 10 years of experience directing large-scale preclinical in vivo pharmacology research and development operations. She has most recently served as Principal Scientist and Manager of In Vivo Pharmacology-Oncology at Covance. Her responsibilities included serving as a global scientific expert to pharmaceutical and biotech companies on the use of translational oncology models. Brandy also has extensive experience in model development including immune-oncology models and patient derived xenografts. She has previously served as the Director of Translational Oncology at Champions Oncology and as a Study Director/Program Lead at The Jackson Laboratory. Brandy received her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Florida State University and served a postdoctoral fellowship in the Alzheimer’s Disease Laboratory at Case Western Reserve University with Gary Landreth.

“I couldn’t be happier to join the Explora team,” said Dr. Wilkinson, “and help shape a focused, successful smaller business into a larger one, delivering a wider range of breeding and pre-clinical services. Also, I am delighted to return to the West Coast!”

Tiffany Granacki (Director, Sales & Marketing) oversees life science activities with a focus on the West Coast. She liaises between the customer and operations, discussing On-demand and On-site vivarium requests, furthermore understanding the respective contract research needs. Prior to her time with Explora BioLabs, Tiffany dedicated a decade of her career within the preclinical contract research space, from synthetic DNA to Next Generation Sequencing. She understands the current marketplace, and is regularly evaluating related trends to better serve her customer base. Tiffany received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from San Diego State University.

“For many years, I have serviced the biotech and pharma space. I seek to understand each customer’s pipeline, help simplify the workflow, and ultimately, expedite overall timelines. I am a problem solver: what is the problem at hand and how quickly can I reach the ideal solution for my customer? At Explora, I get to do that with the most amazing group of clients and a terrific team of employees.”

About Explora BioLabs
Explora BioLabs provides fractional-access preclinical vivarium research space and research services to more than 100 clients in four (4) locations in San Francisco and six (6) locations in San Diego. Explora manages more than a dozen additional facilities for OnSite clients who have their own existing vivarium, but prefer the ease of utilizing Explora’s expertise in vivarium management and regulatory oversight. Explora’s pre-clinical CRO team is expanding to service the study design and execution needs of clients who choose to outsource pre-clinical work in oncology, metabolism, pain and a variety of other common therapeutic areas.

For more info, please visit www.explorabiolabs.com.

Sandy Paige