Explora Biolabs Adds Two Pre-Clinical Facilities to its Vivarium Network – One in San Francisco and One in San Diego

Explora Biolabs Adds Two Pre-Clinical Facilities to its Vivarium Network – One in San Francisco and One in San Diego

San Francisco and San Diego – Explora BioLabs, the leading provider of OnDemand and OnSite vivarium research space on the West Coast, today announced the opening of its latest San Francisco and San Diego additions to Explora’s Vivarium-as-a-Service® network. Explora’s OnDemand vivarium footprint has now reached more than 50,000 square feet in three (3) San Francisco facilities and 65,000 square feet in six (6) San Diego facilities, providing its clients the added flexibility as they prospect adjacent biotech hubs.

“We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space,” said Ivana Djuretic, Co-Founder at Asher Bio. “Developing a fully compliant vivarium would have taken us anywhere between six to eight months. We were able to start with Explora within two weeks. The high-quality, reproduceable results that we will generate in Explora’s facilities should help us accelerate our timelines and get us to that next round of funding sooner. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us, too.”

Explora @ Shoreline (South San Francisco, CA):  This newest South San Francisco facility will complement the company’s existing facility in Genesis Tower in South San Francisco, in addition to its facility adjacent to the Bayer CoLaborator in Mission Bay. “This facility enables local clients to avoid the time, risk, capital expense and management attention units associated with building and running their own vivarium,” said Sandy Paige, CEO of Explora. “There is more than one million square feet of life sciences space within walking distance. So, for these hyper-local clients, we enable more efficient use of expensive venture capital, rerouting dollars back to research rather than into bricks and mortar.”

Explora @ Center for Novel Therapeutics (UTC region, San Diego):

Built and owned by BioMed Realty on the campus of UC San Diego, this state-of-the-art new building is designed for early-stage biotechs seeking smaller footprints for their first steps after leaving an incubator. This 21,000 square foot vivarium is designed in micro-suites to allow for privacy and space for successful tenants to grow.

“We build world-class life science space, which supports premier life science companies and institutions.  Explora runs its OnDemand vivarium facilities in three other BioMed Realty locations in San Diego, so they were the obvious choice at the Center for Novel Therapeutics,” said Kevin Tremblay, Senior Director of San Diego Leasing at BioMed Realty.

In the San Francisco and San Diego markets, Explora BioLabs also provides nearly 100 different biotech clients with OnDemand and OnSite vivarium services, in which Explora manages the client’s vivarium and related needs ranging from facility design, rodent housing and equipment, supply chain management, regulatory oversight, and veterinary / husbandry staffing.  For clients whose research programs or internal expertise is at capacity, Explora also runs pre-clinical contract research studies, including but not limited to pharmacokinetics, oncology, toxicology, metabolic diseases, wound healing, and provides highly trained staffing resources to these clients.

About Explora BioLabs

Explora BioLabs provides Vivarium-as-a-Service® preclinical space and research services to more than 100 clients in three (3) locations in San Francisco and six (6) locations in San Diego. Explora manages more than a dozen additional facilities for OnSite clients who have their own existing vivarium, but prefer the ease of utilizing Explora’s expertise in vivarium management and regulatory oversight. Explora’s pre-clinical CRO team is expanding to service the study design and execution needs of clients who choose to outsource pre-clinical work in oncology, metabolism, pain and a variety of other common therapeutic areas.

For more info, please visit www.explorabiolabs.com.

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Krystina Feucht, Marketing Manager
Explora BioLabs

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