Explora Biolabs To Open Three New Facilities in San Francisco Region

Explora Biolabs To Open Three New Facilities in San Francisco Region

Turnkey research facility expands network in biotech-rich area

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Explora BioLabs, a national provider of best-in-class vivarium research space and management services based here, will launch three new facilities in the San Francisco, Calif., region between Q1-Q3 2021.

The facilities will be located in the cities of San Carlos, Alameda, and South San Francisco. The addition of these facilities will double Explora BioLabs’ footprint in the San Francisco region from three (3) facilities to six (6).

Explora BioLabs provides biotechnology researchers with fully-managed off-site vivarium space. The facilities allow researchers to focus on their work while Explora BioLabs staff handles the vivarium maintenance, husbandry, and other technical logistics, including all regulatory compliance. Each space features rodent racks and individually ventilated, fully-disposable cages from Innovive; animal health monitoring; full-solution husbandry service; 24/7/365 veterinary care; IACUC committee review, and ad hoc technical services.

The new facilities marks a further expansion of Explora BioLabs’ nationwide “Vivarium-as-a-Service” network, but a doubling of the network in the San Francisco region. The network is designed for biotechnology companies that are not yet ready for investment in their own vivaria, as well as those that have outgrown their current research space. Explora’s other facilities are located in San Francisco, San Diego, and Boston (opening mid-2021).

“San Francisco is one of the country’s most important cradles of biotechnology,” said Sandy Paige, Explora BioLabs’ CEO. “We’re pleased and excited to expand Explora’s services to support the groundbreaking, lifechanging work that researchers are doing in the region.”

“One of the requests we hear most often from researchers in the San Francisco region is to make Explora’s services even more accessible,” said John Kinzfolg, Ph.D., Explora’s senior sales account manager in San Francisco. “This expansion is a response to that request. Now, more researchers in the region will have more immediate access to Explora facilities and services.”

For nearly two decades, Explora has provided services to companies ranging from early-stage biotechs to large pharma. Explora’s service model is backed by Ph.D.-level scientists with experience in preclinical in vivo workflow. As part of Explora’s service package, staff can assist in or run preclinical studies for clients in the event of capacity or expertise limitations.

About Explora BioLabs

Explora BioLabs provides biotechnology clients with on and off-site vivarium services including vivarium management, facility design, rodent housing and equipment, supply chain management, regulatory oversight, and veterinary/husbandry staffing. For clients whose research programs or internal expertise is at capacity, Explora also runs pre-clinical contract research studies including pharmacokinetics, oncology, toxicology, metabolic diseases, and wound healing, and provides highly trained staffing resources. Explora’s pre-clinical CRO team services the study design and execution needs of clients who choose to outsource pre-clinical work in oncology, metabolism, pain, and a variety of other common therapeutic areas.

For more information, visit explorabiolabs.com.

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Krystina Feucht, Marketing Manager
Explora BioLabs

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