Explora’s Rapid Growth Profiled in the San Diego Business Journal

SAN DIEGO, CA — Richard Lin, CEO of Explora BioLabs, was interviewed for a front page article entitled “CRO Navigates Tough Preclinical Testing Stage for Companies,” published in the December 4-10, 2017 issue of the San Diego Business Journal.

As stated in the article by Jared Whitlock, “Explora’s services are in demand, particularly among small companies focused on early-stage research, a hallmark of San Diego’s biotech scene. Since forming in 2004, the company has gone from a two-room lab to seven locations, of which five are in San Diego and two in San Francisco….All told, the company’s footprint covers 68,000 square feet of lab and office space.”


The SDBJ article notes that the concept of vivarium lab space on demand is akin to a hotel for rodents. “Rent one room or more, depending on the size of the party. A cleaning service stops by every day to tidy up the joint. Bigger spaces–penthouses, if you will–run extra.” Taking this analogy further, Dr. Lin was quoted as saying “But what’s more important than money is quality. That’s why we call ourselves Ritz Carlton, not Motel 6.”

Referring to Explora’s insourcing services, the article states “In addition, Explora scientists go to companies and manage their labs so they don’t have to buy expensive equipment. The mouse hotel services–not to mention research offerings–now travel.”

“[Dr. Lin] added, where Explora makes a difference is in care of the rodents, and running strong studies that use as few mice and rats as possible.”

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