Explora's National Network

With Explora BioLabs’ national network of 20 AAALAC-accredited OnDemand vivarium facilities, there’s sure to be a vivarium within a short commute of your office space (or will be soon).

Explora's National Network: 20 Facilities and Growing

Explora BioLabs’ vivarium network is strategically located throughout key U.S. biotech hubs, with more coming soon. We’re sure to have an OnDemand facility that’s right for you.

Sorrento Valley – 2 locations
Campus Point – 2 locations
Bunker Hill
Torrey Pines – 3 locations
La Jolla/UTC
Sorrento Mesa

Coming Soon
Torrey Pines (4th location)

Mission Bay
South San Francisco – 4 locations
San Carlos


South Lake Union (Coming Soon)

Don’t see a facility near your neighborhood?

Contact us to discuss prospective cities.
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Network Benefits

Our network of facilities offers your team greater options and flexibility when considering office and operations initiation and relocation. Expand your real estate and employee location choices to any of the neighborhoods near an Explora vivarium without the worry and cost of building your own.

Have researchers operating in multiple locations? There’s a good chance we have a facility close by to limit their commute time, increasing your ability to recruit and retain valuable research personnel. Plus, our local quarantine and animal relocation services reduce stress and downtime.

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What You Get From Day 1

In our OnDemand vivarium facilities, researchers get more than just animal housing and procedure rooms. They also have access to specialized staff, a collaborative atmosphere, and a national network of services and facilities that allow them to secure a dependable growth plan.

Vivarium Network

  • 18+ locations conveniently located in major research hubs providing your team greater options and flexibility when considering office and operations relocation
  • Our vivarium network increases your ability to recruit and retain valuable research personnel by reducing personal commutes and contributing to more work-life balance
  • Expedite internal consolidation and collaboration efforts, handle overflow, or separate species
  • Secure, amenity-rich facilities and entrepreneurship-focused environment

Better Health for Your Animals

  • Experienced, Ph.D.-backed vivarium expertise and oversight at every level of management
  • 7/365 experienced veterinary care
  • Filtered, individually ventilated disposable caging systems
  • Low client cycling and no by-the-row space means no overcrowded rooms and minimized risk of pathogen introduction

Rodent Husbandry You Can Trust

  • Routine cage changes
  • Daily health checks (including weekends and holidays)
  • 365 days/year vivarium facility cleaning
  • Staff experienced with BSL-1/BSL-2, immuno-compromised and immuno-competent colonies

Regulatory Support and Standards of Practice

  • AAALAC-accredited facilities
  • NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) Assurance
  • IACUC committee and review
  • IACUC protocol preparation, submission, and management
  • Online vivarium and animal care training
  • State-of-the-art animal health monitoring (Sentinel Program)

Research Operations Support

  • (Optional) In vivo technical support, including administration of test article, in-life monitoring, specimen collections, terminal procedures, etc.
  • (Optional) Access to IVIS imager (in select facilities)
  • (Optional) Access to fully-equipped cell culture suite (in select facilities)
  • (Optional) Local contract research services

Questions About Our Network and Facilities?

Contact our staff for more information or to request a facility tour.

Exciting News

Explora BioLabs Acquired by Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

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