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A superior preclinical vivarium and service solution for South San Francisco biotechs

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In Explora BioLabs’ Jamie Court OnDemand vivarium facility in South San Francisco, you can initiate preclinical in vivo studies in an AAALAC-accredited vivarium space in as little as two weeks. This turnkey vivarium facility offers shared or private rooms with Ph.D.-backed husbandry management, crucial regulatory oversight, and optional local contract research services.

You can stay focused on achieving strong, repeatable study data in our facilities. We take care of the rest.



Your research team gets more than just animal housing and procedure rooms. They also have access to specialized staff, a collaborative atmosphere, and a national network of services and facilities that allows them to secure a dependable growth plan.

Explora's Jamie Court

Vivarium Amenities

  • Experienced husbandry team                                                                           – Daily health checks                                                                                           – Routine cage changes
  • Ph.D. oversight at every level of support
  • 365 days/year experienced veterinarian care
  • IACUC protocol preparation, review, and management
  • AAALAC accredited
  • OLAW assurance
  • Necropsy
  • Individually ventilated, disposable Innovive caging system
  • BSL1 and BSL2
  • Immunocompromised and immunocompetent
  • State-of-the-art animal health monitoring (Sentinel program)
  • PPE provided
  • Facility cleaning
  • Optional animal and supply procurement
  • Optional in vivo technical support
  • Free parking
  • 24-hour, 365-day access
  • Centralized Client Services Department
  • Only a 10-minute drive from San Francisco International airport; 5 minutes from the train station
  • Optional, local SF Explora Contract Research Service

Your Team

Will Experience:

Fastest Study Initiation: Just Two Weeks to Launch

Get fully-managed contract vivaria with skilled husbandry, compliance services, state-of-the-art operations, and essential rack and caging equipment to get you up and running in as little as two weeks.

Local Contract Research Service Access

Get targeted à-la-carte technical services to complete study execution done locally. From oncology and IVIS imaging to PK, metabolic, and non-GLP toxicology specialties, we can quickly support your study expansion. This local accessibility also allows you to deliver fresh articles/therapeutic cells for administration and pick up fresh tissue.

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Local Rodent Quarantine

For clients who work with academic collaborators or non-approved rodent vendors, Explora offers on-site rodent quarantine. This alternative to rederivation saves weeks of valuable time and expense.

Vivarium Network: National and Local

Greater options and flexibility when considering office and operations initiation and relocation, and zero downtime when transferring between Explora facilities. That is what operating in a true nationwide network of 18+ facilities and over 200,000 sq. ft. of vivaria space offers you.

Largest, Most Comfortable Vivarium Rooms

Jamie Court offers some of the largest vivarium rooms in South SF Vivarium-as-a-Service® model. This facility also offers greater privacy. Choose from holding and procedure rooms in shared, private, and suite options so you’ll enjoy your workspace even as your team and pipeline grow.

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space. We were able to start with Explora within two weeks. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Ivana Djuretic, co-founder at Asher Biotherapeutics, Explora BioLabs client

The high-quality, reproducible results that we will generate in Explora’s facilities should help us accelerate our timelines and get us to that next round of funding sooner. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Preclinical Research Lab

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into Explora's pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space.

Oncology Drug Developer

As a small biotech, we need a vivarium management solution that’s more than just a landlord. Explora BioLabs has been an extension of our team with its husbandry staff and scientific expertise.

Lead Researcher,
San Diego Biotech

Have Your Own Facility?

Whether you’re considering building your first facility and need a full solution—from vivarium design and project management to animal technicians and equipment—our OnSite Vivarium-as-a-Service® solution can help. OnSite solutions deliver Ph.D.-backed animal management, compliance, and technical research services—you can initiate preclinical in vivo studies in your own research facilities in as little as three weeks.

Exciting News

Explora BioLabs Acquired by Charles River Laboratories, Inc.