A message from our CEO:

Hoping this finds each of you well and safe.

It has been my experience that you learn more about your family, friends and business partners during times of stress and constraint than you do during times of ease and plenty. We hope that’s the case in our relationship, too.

What you’re doing right now is really hard. We relate to it because we’re doing the same thing ourselves. We are worried about our team members and making sure they remain healthy. We are making hard operational decisions that postpone important scientific results for our clients and, therefore, for our own loved ones who won’t benefit from those cures.

The commitment from Explora’s team is the same as it was one month ago: “Your Science: Powered by Explora.” As long as we can get to work in a smart and healthy way, you can count on us to be supportive—whether it’s animal husbandry, facilities, or simply trying to find you face masks or a ride home.

Count on us for frequent and transparent updates. While we don’t control the pace or nature of the outside factors driven by COVID-19 spread, we can control what you’re hearing from us and ease any anxiety caused by any lack of information. That we can do.

Be smart, stay well.

Sandy Paige

We understand that an outbreak such as COVID-19 will continue to impact crucial ongoing studies. In order to maintain current programs as best as possible, we have instituted both personnel- and facility-related instructions to eliminate all chances of contamination with the goal of protecting staff, clients, and animals. Our Contingency Planning guidelines are also in effect to further assist client studies.

What Has Been Done So Far?

  • Where possible, we have adjusted staff scheduling to reduce the overlap of staff in lunchrooms, vivarium rooms, and multiple facilities, and we have cancelled larger group meetings;
  • Our administrative staff will work from home;
  • Any staff who recently travelled either internationally or nationally must report all travel to respective supervisors;
  • Rather than retrenching, we are hiring additional skilled vivarium labor to help meet your needs in case we (or you) find ourselves short-staffed due to illness;
  • We have arranged additional office space and restroom sanitization protocols;
  • We are working with all our suppliers to maximize deliveries, order quantities, and timelines wherever possible to ensure our supply chain remains stocked;
  • We have adjusted our SOPs and Contingency Planning guidelines for cage changing and amended our standard IACUC protocol to accommodate for these procedures (such as extending cage changes to 3 weeks, as needed);
  • Explora has postponed its AAALAC site visits and is limiting standard facilities/maintenance work in the vivaria to reduce any possible additional vectors.


Client Guidance:

  • We ask that everybody conserve PPE, both clients and employees alike—especially masks;
  • Practice social distancing: Limit your PI and research associate access to the vivarium and procedure rooms to two people per room, with proper social distancing, to diminish the cross-contaminations risks to all;
  • Reduce your colonies to the minimum requirements to maintain your near-term scientific goals. Overage breeding mice, training mice, and anything “extra” should be limited;
  • We encourage all clients to develop a strategy to reduce your colony size should this become a necessity;
  • Consider postponing studies, if possible, or looking closely at whether they should or could be more limited;
  • Until further notice, our Compliance team will be consolidating dispensations to 1-2 days per week. We kindly request that clients provide as much notice as possible to accommodate multiple dispensations at one time. As an added convenience to clients, Explora will temporarily allow clients to pick up and hold controlled substances beyond our typical 24 hours during this COVID-19 period. Our updated DEA policy applies to both San Diego and San Francisco clients;
  • Consider outsourcing some of your work to our Contract Research team in San Diego;
  • Notify Explora BioLabs whenever an employee has tested positive for COVID-19, bearing in mind privacy requirements.


Explora COVID-19 Notification Policy:

  • In the event that an employee feels unwell or presents with a fever, they will refrain from coming to work and follow all published guidelines (widely distributed) regarding self-quarantine and contacting healthcare providers and get tested as appropriate;
  • If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, we will notify our business partners (defined as clients, suppliers and landlords) that “an employee” has tested positive. We will follow standard privacy guidelines and withhold individual identifying information.


We deeply understand the significance of each study and the urgency to get the next therapeutic, or as relevant as we find it today, perhaps even help get the COVID-19 vaccine to market. Explora BioLabs is committed to your success and safety. If there are ways in which we can support your teams, please do not hesitate to inquire about how we can lend a hand. We are a STRONG biotech family, and together we will recover from these unprecedented, challenging times.

For more information on the above instructions and notification policy, please contact info@explorabiolabs.com.