Vivarium Lab Space and Services for Rent

Turnkey preclinical vivarium facilities with integrated services for early-stage biotechs.

Work with a team that’s dedicated to supporting the needs of evolving biotechs. With OnDemand vivarium rental solutions, you can initiate preclinical in vivo studies in our AAALAC-accredited vivarium lab space in as little as two weeks, complete with Ph.D.-backed husbandry management, regulatory oversight, and optional local contract research services.

explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research


Get into vivarium space faster than with other providers. Begin using state-of-the-art vivarium rental rooms in as little as two weeks, with rodents available for your research within days of your move in.

explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research

Explora's flexible services and network evolve with you. Eliminate the worry of scaling or modifying your vivarium lab as your research evolves with our flexible shared and private room options and rapid equipment access. Local add-on support extends your research team with our technical support, instrumentation, and contract research services.

explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research
Risk Mitigation

Working with Explora means partnering with a team that is committed to helping you reduce research risks. Operating under high health standards, AAALAC-accreditation, and OLAW assurance mean your colonies are safer. Maintaining a strong control on the number of clients per facility and room also help reduce the overall pathogen risk.

explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research
Captial Savings

Renting vivarium lab space with our OnDemand model inherently reduces your capital expenditure. You save time and costs on real estate and building out space that would still serve you 5 years from now but that you’ll only use a fraction of today.


What You Get From Day 1

Get more than just the basics with our OnDemand vivarium facilities. In addition to turnkey animal holding and procedure rooms, researchers also have access to:

Vivarium Lab Network

  • 18+ in vivo research labs conveniently located in major research hubs, providing your team greater options and flexibility when considering a research facility/office and operations relocation.
  • Our national vivarium and services network increases your ability to recruit and retain valuable research personnel while securing you a dependable growth plan.
  • Expedite internal consolidation and collaboration efforts, handle overflow, or separate species
  • Secure, amenity-rich facilities and collaborative-focused environments

Better Animal Health

  • Experienced, Ph.D.-backed vivarium expertise and oversight at every level animal care and operations
  • 7/365 experienced veterinary care focused on research animal health
  • Filtered, individually ventilated disposable caging systems
  • Specialized staff skilled in laboratory animal care who operate under strict OLAW assurance guidelines
  • Low client cycling and no overcrowded rooms to minimizes the risk of pathogen introduction within the vivarium lab.

Rodent Husbandry You Can Trust

  • Routine cage changes
  • Daily health checks (including weekends and holidays)
  • 365 days/year vivarium facility cleaning
  • Staff experienced with BSL-1/BSL-2, immuno-compromised and immuno-competent colonies

Regulatory Support and Standards of Practice

Our vivarium facilities are accredited, compliant, and secure. And our experienced IACUC committee ensures gets your studies are ready to initiate quickly.

  • AAALAC accredited facilities
  • NIH Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW) Assurance
  • IACUC committee and review
  • IACUC protocol preparation and submission
  • IACUC management
  • Online vivarium and animal care training
  • State-of-the-art animal health monitoring (Sentinel Program)

Research Operations Support

  • (Optional) In vivo technical support, including administration of test article, in-life monitoring, specimen collections, terminal procedures, etc.
  • (Optional) Access to IVIS imager (in select facilities)
  • (Optional) Access to fully-equipped cell culture suite (in select facilities)
  • (Optional) Local contract research services

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explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research

Access to Even More

Explora Resources

Need OnDemand and Contract Research Service? Go Hybrid.

Whether it’s a complete study or one-time assistance, Explora’s contract research services can supplement your OnDemand studies to meet your research goals efficiently and on time. We provide preclinical in vivo contract research services in a range of therapeutic areas with services performed locally in San Diego, San Francisco, and Boston.

View Our Extensive Vivarium Lab Network

Explora has AAALAC-accredited OnDemand vivarium facilities throughout key U.S. biotech clusters, so we're already where you want to be. There's sure to be a facility within a short commute from your home or office space (or will be soon).

Case Study: Asher Biotherapeutics

Explora’s OnDemand solutions enabled Y Combinator company Asher Biotherapeutics to win follow-on investment by meeting critical preclinical data deadlines, maintaining control of its research, and gaining essential flexibility as it grew.

explora biolabs, cro, contract research, vivarium, preclinical research

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space. We were able to start with Explora within two weeks. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Ivana Djuretic, co-founder at Asher Biotherapeutics, Explora BioLabs client

The high-quality, reproducible results that we will generate in Explora’s facilities should help us accelerate our timelines and get us to that next round of funding sooner. And when we need more space, they’ll be there for us.

Preclinical Research Lab

We jump-started our preclinical research program by stepping right into Explora's pre-built, pre-staffed, regulatory-compliant vivarium space.

Oncology Drug Developer

As a small biotech, we need a vivarium management solution that’s more than just a landlord. Explora BioLabs has been an extension of our team with its husbandry staff and scientific expertise.

Lead Researcher,
San Diego Biotech

Get Started in an Our Vivarium Lab in as Little as Two Weeks.

Trust the market leader in vivarium facilities and management to be a flexible extension of your team.
Frequently Asked Questions

A vivarium is sometimes referred to as an animal research facility. A vivarium is typically designed with different features that aid in controlling as many aspects of the environment as possible. The purpose of a vivarium is to provide a controlled environment for research animals of all types to live in.

Animal husbandry is often described as a branch of science that is focused on the caring, breeding, and sometimes farming of animals. Many different animals are a part of the animal husbandry industry, including livestock, dogs, rodents, etc. There are many different uses for animal husbandry. From raising and selectively breeding cattle to housing and caring for rodents used in scientific research, animal husbandry processes are utilized. Working with Explora means having your research animals monitored closely so you can focus on your research. 

The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) is an international accreditation program that evaluates an organization’s use of live animals in testing, teaching, or researching. Organizations that either meet or exceed the expectations set by the AAALAC are given accreditation after an extensive internal review process.

When a research vivarium has AAALAC accreditation, it shows that a certain level of accountability has been achieved. AAALAC accreditation is a voluntary process that research labs go through. The accreditation requirements go beyond what is simply required by the law. When a vivarium has been AAALAC accredited, the public understands that the vivarium is committed and responsible.

Vivarium development costs are one of the most costly builds for a life science company. Vivarium development comprises some of the most expensive square footage in life science real estate, many times reaching $600–$1,000 per square foot. The necessary requirements of proper air handling systems, back up power systems, research equipment, and waste disposal considerations are all factors that add to the cost of vivarium development. 

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Explora BioLabs Acquired by Charles River Laboratories, Inc.

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