Our in vivo PK expertise includes:

  • Established or customizable study protocols
  • Single- or repeat-dose administration
  • Expertise with small molecules and biologics
  • Species: rat, mouse
  • Comprehensive tissue collection for  biodistribution
  • Quick turnaround to support lead optimization or formulation evaluation
  • Custom study design
  • Biofluid sampling
  • Common dose routes (IP, IV, IM, SC, PO)
  • Complex dosing routes
    • Arterial
    • Continuous infusion using mechanical or osmotic pumps
    • Nasal mucosa, nasal cavity, or tracheal/bronchial (including aerosol-inhalation)


Explora has nurtured strong working relationships with numerous reputable bioanalytical companies for efficiently processing and analyzing samples from our PK studies. We can manage entire studies from drug to report, promising rapid turnaround times and high-quality results.