Research Facilities

From collaborative and flexible space to thorough consultations and scientific expertise, our OnDemand vivarium experience makes it possible to get everything you need from a world-class research workspace.

We have ten (10) quality research facilities – six (6) in San Diego and four (4) in the San Francisco Bay Area – that serve biotech and pharma, big or small. They are all staffed by passionate, detail-focused personnel who care about the science and understand the minutiae involved in making repeatable results possible.

OnDemand keeps you on track – you focus on the science, we will handle the rest. Count on 24/7/365 access to your project, knowing that our team will be on top of the tasks that are critical for a successful study.

Vivarium Rooms

Our vivarium rooms come in various sizes and layouts, while housing your laboratory animals. In some of our facilities, we offer other spaces such as cell culture rooms, designated necropsy rooms, and conference rooms.

From compliance management to cage care and unnecessary redundancies, the logistics of running a vivarium can overwhelm the science. At Explora BioLabs, we understand cleanliness and compliance are non-negotiables. If either slip, it can compromise the ability to obtain reproducible results and get you to your next scientific breakthrough. Our OnDemand solutions eliminates these concerns, but it also saves you money and resources that can be rerouted back to the research.

Stay On Track

You will stay on track with OnDemand, because you won’t have to worry about how to scale up or modify your vivarium needs as your research evolves. We will solve those issues for you with our flexible vivarium network and services. We will keep your animals well-cared for and stress-free, we will keep your space clean and efficient, and we can help with monitoring, data-gathering, reports, and more.

When you turn to Explora’s OnDemand vivaria, you can count on:

  • Turn-Key Vivarium Space - In as little as two (2) weeks!
  • AAALAC Accreditation
  • NIH/OLAW Assurance
  • Experienced Husbandry Services
  • Daily Animal Health Check
  • Routine Cage Change
  • Consistent Cleaning of Facility
  • IACUC Committee and Review
  • IACUC Protocol Preparation and Submission
  • Animal Health Monitoring (Sentinel Program)
  • Procedure Rooms
  • Dedicated Necropsy Rooms
  • BSL-1 and BSL-2
  • Cell Culture Room - In select facilities
  • Conference Rooms - In select facilities
  • HEPA-filtered, individually-ventilated, fully disposable/recyclable Innovive rodent caging
  • Biosafety Class II Safety Cabinets
  • Experienced Attending Veterinarian
  • Waste Management (including BSL-2 and hazardous waste)
  • Available In Vivo Technical Support
  • 24/7/365 Secured, Badge Access to Vivarium Facility
  • Animal Ordering and Receiving Services
  • Online Vivarium and Animal Care Training
  • Dedicated and Secure Wireless Network
  • CRO Network

As an added support, we are also proud to offer expert technical and training solutions on an as-needed basis, to free up your capital and solve staffing needs. Our seasoned scientists are ready when you need our technical services.